Dispute Resolution

Disputes between the Company and its suppliers, customers or clients

Disputes between a company and its suppliers, customers and clients inevitably arise from time to time. Dealt with promptly, we can often help to avoid a dispute escalating and becoming both time-consuming and expensive. We’re good at analysing problems and can help to forcefully put forward your point of view when the law is on your side. We’ll advise you frankly when the law is not on your side and we’ll help to look for tactical ways in which you can make the best of your situation.

Disputes between the Company its directors and shareholders

It’s not uncommon for the relationship between at least some of the directors and shareholders to deteriorate at times. There’s often a way through these situations even if it’s not straightforward and so please get in touch at the earliest opportunity. We often manage to find a solution without the parties ending up in very expensive litigation. We can advise you in the preliminary stages in defending against claims brought against you by others.

Settlement Agreements

Once you’ve agreed on how to settle your differences whether they be with suppliers, customers, clients or your fellow directors and shareholders we can put together a Settlement Agreement to record the terms agreed to as well as any reorganisation documentation and share buybacks in appropriate circumstances where there are sufficient distributable reserves available.

Other Shareholder Disputes and Settlement Agreements we Specialise

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