Corporate Law

Corporate Transactions and Agreements

If you’re looking to:

  • Buy or sell shares in a private company
  • Buy or sell a business and assets as a going concern
  • Buy or sell individual assets or a group of assets not constituting a business
  • Negotiate an investment with an outside investor
  • Draw up a Shareholders Agreement
  • Draw up bespoke Articles of Association
  • Repurchase a company’s shares
  • Put and Call Option Agreements
  • Cross Option Agreements
  • Restructure an existing group of companies or business

then our experienced corporate lawyers are on hand to help you through the maze. We can advise how to protect your legal rights and interests so that you can do the best deal reasonably achievable in your particular circumstances. Getting as good a deal as you can when you’re in a weak bargaining position is something we’re particularly good at and good advice and tactics can make all the difference.

In transactional work and tax-related restructuring we’re used to working with accountants, tax advisers, property lawyers, Counsel and other specialists. We’ll often find ourselves taking a lead role project managing the whole transaction.

Typical Corporate Agreements:

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Eg: on a purchase or sale or about an Agreement of some sort or the settlement of a dispute
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